Burn Permit Information

In District Burn: 
All questions regarding control burn permits should be directed to Bay Area Air Quality Management District. 
  • Go to http://www.baaqmd.gov/permits/open-burn and follow the directions. 
  • Contact REDCOM burn line at 707-565-1700 
  • On the planned burn day, call the 24-Hour Burn Day Hotline at 800-792-0787 prior to burning to determine if it is a burn day. 
This area falls under the Northern District. If located in the SRA, which would be anywhere in the hills surrounding Sonoma, a permit from CAL-FIRE must be obtained. 

Out of District (SRA): 
CAL-FIRE Sonoma, Lake, Napa Headquarters. Contact 707 967-1400.
  • Guidelines: Burns shall not be started before 10am or after 3pm 
  • Fire must be completely extinguished by sundown 
  • 30ft clearance around burn pile 
  • Material must be dried 60-90 days prior to burning 
  • No processed lumber 
  • Person setting fire must be present at ALL times 
  • No accelerant can be used at ANY point 
  • It is recommended that a water source is present 
In the event of an escaped fire, all suppression costs may be billed to the responsible party.